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Cassius Qwandrell Ellison. Born (August 15, 1991). Known professionally as Blazer Barboza is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, A&R, digital marketing manager, record producer based out of Atlanta Ga. Ellison first became involved in music at the age of 19. After releasing his first album Prince of Pop he became a part of the music industry were he was nicknamed Blazer Barboza. Ellison is one of few rappers that holds a versatile skill set when it comes to music. His craft revolves around making expressive vocals with creative adlibs. Blazer Barboza is the youngest for four siblings. Ellison has been active on the music scenes since he was 19 years old.

Notable moments


After creating his first professional album in 2018. Ellison created his own Record Label, Bok Productions, which helped launched his imprint in the music industry. Ellison joined The Breakfast Club (Show), after releasing his album to positive reviews.

Blazer Barboza began his early life in Augusta Ga were his aunt had primary custody of him. He started out selling his music out of the trunk of his car after discovering his sound he then connected with Jay9mm where he was nickname ”Calio Da Dunn”.


In 2019. Blazer Barboza continued his journey with a opening performance for Kevin gates at the U21 entertainment center were he created a local buzz in his hometown. Later on after releasing a few YouTube videos he attracted a fan base and moved to Atlanta Ga. This is where he began his career as a digital marketing manager. After connecting with Boosie Badazz from Baton Rouge Louisiana. Ellison began filming as a videographer.


In 2020. Cassius Ellison became the owner of his own digital marketing website title ”Veva Play” were began connecting with unsigned talent from across the globe. This was to assist them with marketing and growing there brands.

Career Highlights

Blazer Barboza considered negotiating a deal with Epic records as an a&r. His primary role consist of scouting talent and presenting it to the record label , while overseeing the artist development of recording artists.

After connecting with celebrities like Taraji P. Henson, Marlon Wayans, Boosie Badazz, Denzel Washington , and Future. Ellison gained more experience from marketing different projects as a digital marketing manager to help establish himself a name in the entertainment business.

He also became founder of Veva play a Digital marketing, social media platform established in 2017. The site averages 120,746 unique visitors a day.

Blazer Barboza is one of the few known best-selling music artist, with over 20 songs, 3 albums and 5 consecutive singles selling worldwide He was nominated to have his single ”Last Dance” played at the Bet Awards in 2018. After getting his soundtrack nominated to play through the 60th annual grammy awards ceremony. Ellison rose to fame After releasing his debut album Prince of Pop selling through out online digital stores.

Cassius Ellison Career Highlights Total
Awards  60th Grammy Nominee(Audition award) 2
Candidate  Bet Candidate 1

The AMA, MTV Music Video Candidate, Apple Music award.

Movies & TV Shows

In 2005 Blazer Barboza audition as a actor for the ATL (film)  acting as a custodian. With so much competition and different celebrities from the Atlanta area , His audition wasn’t a success. Ellison continued his journey in the music industry. He was able to contribute on the marketing aspect of the ATL (Film) receiving his credits through IMDb. After helping with the Digital process he then later became introduce to a few movie stars including celebrities like Denzel washington, Taraji P. Henson, and Marlon Wayans to contribute with the Digital Marketing team of Universal Television, Rick Alvarez, Christopher Moynihan and Tai Duncan to help promote the films The Equalizer, Proud Mary, Marlon (Tv series). In 2020 Blazer Barboza launched his latest Comic animation series title The Boza Buzz  showing world wide over the You tube platform.