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Jahmal Grantham. Born June 22, 1995. professionally known as [1.] Don Shugiano is hip-hop artist from Philadelphia, PA. Grantham has always had a passion for music, rapping and recording since his early childhood. His first album was released to positive reviews The Voice of the People. Don is currently independent. Grantham genre of profession is hip-hop/rap. In 2018 Player.Fm sat with Don Shugiano. During the Episode #40 and touched the on going rap beef between Drake & Pusha T. Grantham also elaborated on why pillow talking is for suckers no matter the situation.

Early Life

As a toddler Don watched and traveled  with his mother who was pursuing her singing career while working to support and provide for the both of them. Don became familiar with working hard and spending hours in the studio. After the tragic passing of his biological father at the age of five , don his mother and stepfather along with his younger sister migrated to Philadelphia for a fresh start in life to get away from the chaos around them.

Over time Grantham grew a passion for music and at the age of eight. He took his first shot in the booth and hasn’t looked back since.Don and his parents worked hard but still sometimes fell short on bills, This influence Don to go outside and venture off to figure out things on his own. He found himself getting influenced by corrupt activities in his neighborhood. At the age of eighteen Don found himself getting into trouble with law enforcement and was sentence to 3 1/2 to 10 years. After spending this time in state prison he has promised hiself to turn his life around and pursue music as a fulltime job And tell his story to people who can relate to his lifestyle.

The Voice of the People (Album)


  1. The Feeling
  2. No Effort
  3. No way Out
  4. See Me Down
  5. Rainy Days
  6. Nobody There 
  7. The Life
  8. On my own





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